Common Assault

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Common Assault

Common Assault is defined as the act of applying force, directly or indirectly, without consent, or with consent obtained by fraud. It includes acts like striking, touching, or threatening force. This broad charge, requiring Magistrate Court proceedings, demands the prosecution to prove several elements beyond reasonable doubt, such as non-consensual force application.

Possible Defences for Assault Charges

Typical defences include:


Reacting to severe provocation, leading to loss of control.


Actions taken in self-defence due to the complainant’s conduct.

Defence of Property

Using force to protect property when no other option is available.

Penalties for Common Assault

Common Assault, an offense under the Criminal Code, can lead to up to 3 years of imprisonment. The penalties can range from fines to imprisonment, highlighting the need for a lawyer’s assessment of potential outcomes.

Bazzi Law’s Approach to Assault Charges

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What constitutes a common assault charge?
Common assault involves any unconsented physical contact or threat of such contact. This includes actions like pushing, hitting, or even attempted physical contact.
What defences can be used in assault cases?

Defences include provocation (reaction to extreme provocation), self-defence (action taken in self-defence), and defence of property (using force to protect property when necessary).

What are the potential penalties for common assault?
Common assault can lead to various penalties, including fines and imprisonment for up to 3 years, depending on case specifics.
How can Bazzi Law assist me with an assault charge?
Bazzi Law offers comprehensive legal support, from assessing your case to representing you in court. We handle every aspect, including evidence gathering and courtroom preparation.
Should I consult a lawyer even for a minor assault charge?
Yes, legal consultation is crucial for any assault charge to understand the potential consequences and prepare an effective defence.